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About Vanity Room Cosmetics

My name is Samantha Garcia a.k.a “Ms. Vanity Room”, owner and founder of Vanity Room Cosmetics. Yes, VRC is a one woman show! It all started with a dream... as tacky as it sounds, it’s true. I’ve always had a passion for makeup so I figured why not invest in my own? I was VERY inspired by Jeffrey Star & Kylie Jenner, aspirational to this day, who at the time were taking off with their own beauty brands. I started off with liquid lipsticks as a lipstick is always a “go-to” makeup item for me.... I’m not complete without lipstick! And I just took off from there! With the continued support in my brand; I expanded into other products such as highlighters, lashes etc! My brand is a brand that anyone can wear! VRC is here to boost your confidence and accentuate your beauty, not mask it.

Vanity Room’s signature liquid lipstick formula is a cream to matte finish. They are lightweight and last for hours! They are not vegan, but are cruelty free! So absolutely NO TESTING ON ANIMALS. My products are made in a top quality laboratory, made especially for Vanity Room Cosmetics.

 The laboratory I chose to work with is A1 and I would not put out a product I would not wear, nor believe in. To the ladies that have been supporting me since 2014 with Vanity Room boutique, I thank you for the continued support. For the new customers, welcome and thank you. You will not be disappointed. Vanity Room Cosmetics has so much more growing to do, so stick around for the ride!